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5555 Unique NFT Leather Head

Leather has been with us forever, and is associated with skilled work, art, and protection. Leather is Luxury, always has been. Our NFTs are handcrafted to honor this relationship we have with the medium. This is your chance to own a beautiful piece of workmanship, each one unique, and carrying their own range of benefits in our society.

Additionally, most pro sports from basketball, football, rugby, baseball, hockey and soccer all traditionally use gear made from genuine leather whether it's the ball itself, or shoes and gloves, leather has been a key element of the sporting world since time immemorial.

Best of all, our leather is guaranteed 100% cruelty free. You can let your conscience rest easy minting our NFTs knowing the only ones who will suffer in the process are our artists.

Growth Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Build community
  • Roadmap v1.0
  • Website launch
  • S1 mint
  • Tokenomic v1.0
  • Marketing investments and collaborations
  • $HEAD token launch
  • Team growth and consolidation

Phase 2

  • $HEAD Initial Public Offer
  • S1 Staking mechanism implemented
  • Auctions of S1 nft purchasable with $HEAD
  • Whitepaper v1.0
  • $HEAD Airdrop program start for active members and holders
  • S1 stake start to gain $HEAD
  • Copyright and brand registration
  • Explore merch passive incomes (hire specialists)

Phase 3

  • Special Leather Head collection purchasable with $HEAD
  • Dex liquidity pool seed
  • WL purchasable with $HEAD
  • Investors and partner espansion (tbc)
  • Burn head program start
  • Ambassador program investments

Phase 4

  • Wider $HEAD adoption: partners adopt/accept in other nft project
  • S2 mint
  • Yield farming
  • Roadmap v2.0
  • New investments funds allocation
  • More to come.....

Meet The Team

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Tom Rem

Project Owner

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Tokenomics Developer

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Big J.


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A collection of stunning 3d art combining leather and Apes.

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25th August 2022 WL and OGs: 2pm UTC - Public: 6pm UTC.
August 25th, Thursday WL and OGs: 2pm UTC - Public: 6pm UTC 5555 NFTs 99ada per mint.
We will be launching on the Cardano blockchain.
You can mint from any Cardano supported wallets such as Nami, Eternl, and Daedalus. Please ensure you are not minting from an exchange wallet!
By being a holder of a Leather head NFT, you will have full commercial rights to that NFT.
Yes! We would like to keep this as organic as possible. There will be no grinding in chat and the amount you type will not guarantee you a whitelist spot. What will help is by joining the Discord and interacting with the community. Twitter engagements will also help you get noticed.